rife zapper

Rife frequencies, Rife therapy are commonly heard buzzwords in the alternative healing community. What exactly is the difference between a Rife frequency generator and a zapper, especially an orgone zapper. Biotechsyn provides natural options through the use of alternative health products such as the Rife Machine, the rife zapper, health resources zappers, new machines like […]

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buy rife machine for sale

This biotechsyn Rife Machine produces multiple frequency bandwidths, 10 Default Program Groups, Super Sweep, Convergence Sweep and Exceeds all expectations in power output and amperage for the healing processes of the most serious diseases. Through the use of Modern Electronics, one can now access the Rife Frequency Manual, and program in specific frequency sets to […]

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Clark zapper

The biotechsyn is a Synergy, a single awareness of Energy to have a great existence and prevent Aging degeneration. A best way to deliver this fitness and well-being era. We have various styles of machine for treatment sicknesses. This employer has eleven years in the discipline searching for natural cure of the disorder. The zapper […]

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